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Rishikesh, India

Discourse On Tantra and Yoga

Tantra and Yoga - The texts on Tantra and Yoga which were composed long time ago and the words of great enlightened people of the world, contain great essence of knowledge to help understand life, ways to live life, to know the goal of life and to know the possible ways to unfold secrets of life. The messages in these great texts are time-tested and their study help us a long way. In order that we may be able to make use of those messages of the great texts and enlightened people, it is important that we be able to unearth those messages under proper guidance. Therefore, Discourse on Tantra and Yoga is very good opportunity to go through the proper study of these messages. For more information please refer to the blog A Brief note on Tantra and Yoga.

Our programs - We offer series of lectures and talks on some of these texts like Purana, Itihas, Darshan, Gita, Yoga Sutra of Patanjali, Vivek Chudamani, Vijnana Bhairava TantraShiva Samhita, 10 Principal Upanishads, Bible, Quran, Philosophy from the west, Lives and messages of holy people from the world, Life and so on etc.

Onsite and Online - We offer both Onsite and Online programs. According to the request of a person or a group of people “Discourse On Tantra and Yoga” can be organised in any part of the world.

Individual session - In general one hour.

Group session - In general one hour but according to the merit and request of the group the time duration may be longer which can be maximum up to 90 minutes.

Yogabhyasi (Yoga Practitioner) Rohit Kumar.

On Prior Request only.

Individual session fee - One person per session 2150 INR only for International, NRI students and 1100 INR only for Indian students.

Group session fee - Depending upon number of people, the fee is modified, reduced and relaxed according to the need and merit of the group. This is discussed before the request is accepted.

Fee for discourse on invitation - Depending upon number of people, the fee is modified, reduced and relaxed according to the need and merit of the invitation. This is discussed before the request is accepted.

Fee consideration - Anyone with financial limitation may request for payment in instalments or some relaxation in the mentioned fee. This is done on individual basis only after proper conversation about the detailed circumstances of the individual.

Registration - Please Register or write to founder Rohit Kumar via email – (ROHITRAMDIRI@YAHOO.IN) or Whatsapp at (+91-9472215331) with details. He answers shortly with all the necessary formalities.

Deposit - For (Onsite or Online) a non-refundable total amount plus bank charges/commissions is required to confirm the registration. To pay please follow Payment.

Cancellation of the registration - For the time being we do not provide this facility. Therefore, properly decide before you deposit the amount for the course.

Remaining Payment - For Onsite, the remainder payments can also be made after arrival. For more details please look into Orientation guide in Download.

Accommodation, Food & Drink etc. - For Onsite please follow Accommodation and Yoga Schoolif we organise the venue. Usually for the program we request the students to arrange their accommodation, food and other need in India as well as overseas.

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