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Rishikesh, India

I am Mathilde from France. I attended a 200 hours Kundalini Yoga teacher training in India, there I met Rohit as my Kundalini yoga teacher for theory as well as practical.

Rohit is a very inspiring teacher, always illustrating the intricate Kundalini theory by relevant examples to make the topics simpler and more understandable. There were moments during the class for all of us when the topics needed a lot of patience to listen and grasp the topics because of so many difficult terminologies in sanskrit language but with Rohit and his style of explaining things kept the enthusiasm of the class always interesting and attention-fetching. I learned a lot in his class as he made complex concepts much easier.

As an individual, Rohit is passionate and he shares his knowledge without count. We wished in every class, we could listen to Rohit’s talk for hours! He is a great speaker and he captivates the attentions with his words, sounds, articulations, gestures and smiles. I remember his classes and how we all felt in the moments he came in, spent time and when he left. It was a great pleasure and consolation for all of us.

I recommend Rohit wholeheartedly and I wish to learn again from him because of his dedication to the teaching as a teacher and care to his students not only as a teacher but also as an individual.

Thanks Rohit Kumar

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