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Rishikesh, India

Sanatana Yog Sandesh Yoga school codes – Sanatana Yog Sandesh mentions some of the important norms that all participants, visitors, working members, people in any other way connected to the school & its programs and anyone even newly joined to the school, need to follow for the proper functioning of the school and its program. They are –

1. About Yoga programs –

  • All Yoga programs at our Yoga school are traditional and entirely based upon authentic ashrams of India such as Ramakrishna Mission, Sri Aurobindo SocietyYogoda Satsang Society of India, Sivananda AshramBihar School of Yoga and so on.
  • Each program is open to all above 16 Years age (except Yoga for children) however, the eligibility for each Yoga program is different which is mentioned in the respective page on the website of the Yoga school.
  • The medium of instruction is English so please consider carefully whether your English language skills are sufficient. If we offer any course in other language then we arrange an efficient translator.
  • During any Yoga program, each class is mandatory to attend (especially in YTTC) unless there is a very valid reason to be absent.
  • During any Yoga program, all aspirants are requested to keep the Yoga-hall neat & clean and make sure that the teacher’s place, board, writing pen and other required things for the teaching are available. This is for the sake of respecting the teacher and making things easier for the teaching.
  • During any Yoga program and in the class mobile phones, internet, I-pads, computers and use of electronic devices are allowed for the study purposes only.
  • During any Yoga program, the pictures and videos of the classes are taken for grand memory of the Yoga programs and used for promotion purposes.
  • During any Yoga program, we provide vegetarian meals conducive to the Yoga program.
  • During any Yoga program, if any student is unwell for any reason, then he/she may request for the required food but if the situation prolongs (more than 3,4 days) then the student needs to pay for the special diet requested for.

2. About curriculum –

  • The curriculum for each Yoga program is arranged from various point of view and all aspirants of the concerned Yoga program are obliged to adhere to and adapt to that.
  • The style of teaching in any Yoga program is in three steps. They are – 1. Prescribed curriculum, 2. Aspirant’s questions and 3. Aspirant’s common interests in terms of additional topics of the same class.
  • During the teaching a teacher at first is supposed to complete the prescribed curriculum, then during the same time or later the aspirant’s personal questions about the same topics are to be answered. Only after that aspirant’s common interests in terms of additional topics of the same class will be taught.
  • If all aspirants during any class of any Yoga program find the topics already known then they may politely request the concerned teacher to switch to the other remaining topics to save time and have chance for more topics to be covered.

3. About proper attitude

  • The course requires aspirants to remain sincere to the disciplines during the entire period of the Yoga program such as attending classes on time, observing silence as prescribed, personal practices as prescribed, withdrawing temporarily from the distractions of daily life and so on.
  • During any Yoga class both in theory and practical, it is important for every aspirant to be in the class as a student regarding physical posture on Yoga mats, chair and on other props.
  • During any Yoga class, if an aspirant needs to lie down or adopt any convenient physical state, he/she may do so only with the consent of the Yoga teacher in the class. While doing so the aspirant must go at the back of the class so that other aspirants do not have any inconvenience. 
  • Any student with any difficult physical and mental condition, needs to have his/her way for convenience during any class, then he/she must seek prior consent from the management or founder in this regard. 
  • During any Yoga class, if any aspirant does not understand any instruction, then he/she may politely ask the concerned teacher in a way like this – “Sir, I have not understood properly”, instead of saying and asking with a sense of order in a way like this – “can you demonstrate or can you show me or answer my questions or you have not answered the questions properly or you need to answer my questions properly?”. Then the teacher will decide what does he need to do to make the student understand. This needs to be maintained throughout the training.
  • All aspirants must bear in mind that a teacher at our Yoga school is not an employee or service provider therefore, during any Yoga program it is mandatory for all the aspirants to maintain respectful attitude towards all teachers in the class as well as outside in all events of time.
  • Any indecent word, gesture, attitude and things like these towards any teacher will immediately lead to strict disciplinary action from the school without any privilege to be heard.
  • Intimacy, cordiality, emotional relation, friendship, partnership of any kind, soft human interaction and so on with any person connected to the Yoga school including teachers or anyone around is the sole responsibility of the individual concerned. The school is in no way responsible for any pleasant or unpleasant experiences which one may undergo because of those kinds of human behavioural involvement.
  • All teachers, workers, staffs and anyone involved here are conscious humans and we need to be very respectful to all in all events of time.
  • We should endeavour to reflect in our attitude the lessons we learn during Yoga program.
  • We should endeavour to represent ourselves as one of the family members as if everyone is our own.

4. About accommodation –

  • During any Yoga programs, we provide nice rooms, facilities and convenient stay conducive for education and training which is included in the total Yoga program fee.
  • Additional facilities such as AC, Heating and other such amenities will be available only with extra charges.
  • In case of need (shortage of places as sometimes too many tourists visit Rishikesh), we may organize Yoga programs at different buildings in Rishikesh other than those mentioned in the accommodation India page, however we are committed to provide genuine facilities helpful for the sake of study and comfortable stay up to the best of our capacity and feelings.
  • We look forward to provide private rooms but if there is shortage of place then rooms may be shared.
  • In the International Yoga programs our venue may be different from country to country but at all places we are committed to provide genuine facilities helpful for the sake of course study and comfortable stay up to the best of our capacity and feelings.
  • The Yoga program fee expect of Online Yoga, Yoga With Rohit Kumar, Discourse on Tantra and Yoga and Daily Yoga Classes mentioned on the website is with private rooms only.
  • The Yoga program fee with the private, twin shared, triple shared and dormitory rooms are different which we mention in our reply as soon as we receive your registration.
  • If there is any change regarding the concerned Yoga program after we receive your registration, then we specify it as soon as possible.

5. About payment and refund policy – 

  • Please read the information very carefully in the Payment page about each mode of payment (Wise, Paypal, Bank Transfer and so on) before you make the payment.
  • If there is any confusion about payment then please contact the school and follow up the process accordingly.
  • In different sections the bank details, addresses of the beneficiary (the receiver of payment – Sanatana Yog Sandesh) and the bank is given with proper clarity.
  • “ROHITRAMDIRI@YAHOO.IN” is the registered email against the Bank Account of the School. For all payment purposes please use only this email as reference.
  • Regarding fee, International means people living/working outside India, NRI means Non-resident Indians living/working outside India and Indian means people living/working in India.
  • We accept payment in Euro and Indian rupees mainly. But other currencies such as USD, GBP, AUD, CAD and so on is also accepted according to the availability of the exchange agencies. The payment to each (ONSITE/ONLINE) course, retreat, class is non-refundable.
  • We have three different modes of international payment (Wise, Paypal and Bank Transfer). We prefer payment via Wise as the first option of payment since it is easier and cheaper. Paypal is the second option which is more expensive. Bank Transfer is open mainly for Indians.
  • There are many international money transfer agencies which one can also use to make payment. Some of them are – World Remit, Western Union, Revolut and so on.
  • Indians may pay using the QR code as well. Please scan the QR code and pay.
  • The remaining payment can also be made through options we have or in cash and a receipt for the payment made in cash will be given by the Yoga School.
  • The deposit and total amount of any program once paid are non-refundable. If we cancel the concerned Yoga program for any unavoidable reason and do not organize the concerned program in future or agree to accept the paid amount for any other Yoga program we have, then the paid amount will be refunded as soon as possible according to the possibilities in hand.
  • If any aspirant joins any Yoga program and decides to quit the concerned Yoga program then the already paid fee is also non-refundable. In which case, he may choose another Yoga program going on at the same time or again join in the future the same Yoga program or other Yoga program available at the time and use the previously paid amount for the present Yoga program which is intended to be joined.
  • If for some reason an individual is unable to join the desired course/retreat/programme for any reason, as alternatives we can consider the payment for the similar course/retreat/programme that he/she might attend in the future or anyone else like near relatives/friends etc. who wish to join the course/retreat/programme for the same duration of time to which the payment was made or the course/retreat/program to be organised in future.
  • In the international Yoga programs, if required we may provide you a different bank account than our regular bank account in the website, in which you may transfer the relevant Yoga program fee.

6. About health and hygiene – 

  • All aspirants must take full responsibility for their own health and hygiene.
  • During any Yoga program, please avoid frequently eating outside. We don’t want to be strict about it but during the program it is better to rely on the food provided by the school. Outside food sometimes may cause food poising which hampers the study.
  • Use of intoxicants or stimulants like exciting Tea, Coffee, Smoking, Alcohol, Gutkha (chewing substances) or any such type of addiction should be avoided for sound health and substantial improvement.
  • For personal health and hygiene, aspirants can bring personal bed sheets, pillowcase, sleeping bag or blanket, medical prescriptions if needed and medicines on regular basis.
  • Light, loose, comfortable clothing and footwear is practically helpful in all seasons.
  • Drinking enough water for proper hydration is helpful for the training.

7. About practical guidelines

  • In order to travel to India for the Yoga program, you may require a visa. The tourist visa would be sufficient. Please see the link here for E-VISA to India. Please mention “Yoga course” for the purpose of your travel.
  • Please carry your passport with visa stamped.
  • Once travel arrangements are finalised, kindly intimate us your arrival and departure particulars so that necessary arrangements can be made.
  • All aspirants should bring enough cash to cover the Yoga program formalities as well as their own personal requirements throughout the duration of their stay. There are ATM facilities or money exchange agencies in case it is needed.
  • All other expenses required, such as additional food or special food, any medical needs, books, clothing, personal requirements and any other miscellaneous expenses are covered by aspirants during their stay.
  • Aspirants may also bring other personal things such as torch, umbrella, rain coat, padlock etc. which may be needed during the stay.
  • During any Yoga program if any aspirant finds any inconvenience then he/she is welcome to talk to the school management or the founder directly.
  • During any Yoga program, at any point of time, if any aspirant feels that the place and the Yoga program is not up to his/her satisfaction, then he/she can withdraw from the program.

8. About school’s right to make amendments – 

  • We keep the right to bring any substantial changes which we deem necessary regarding the codes according to the need to serve you all better.
  • We keep the right to make necessary changes regarding the daily schedules for any Yoga program and other things related to the Yoga program.
  • In case of situation where we don’t find anyone fit for continuing the Yoga program for reasons such as health, attitude and so on, then the Yoga school reserves the right to politely ask the individual to leave the program.

9. About *Covid protocol and other contagious diseases – 

  • In general, the participants of any Yoga program and visitors must be fully vaccinated or they must carry Covid-19 negative report taken within 72 hours of arrival. 
  • If the Covid-19 vaccination or Covid-19 negative report taken within 72 hours of arrival, in any of our Yoga programs will be mandatory then we shall mention so in that Yoga program as mandatory.
  • At present time (From January 2023), the Covid protocol has been relaxed to a great extent so we don’t keep the Covid-19 Vaccination or Covid-19 negative report taken within 72 hours as mandatory documents. Therefore, feel free to come and join any Yoga program.
  • Participants having any contagious disease should make sure that they have proper treatment and medication about it so the disease does not affect other participants.

10. About thanksgivings –

  • We expect all students to co-operate so that our stay and work together may bring convincing result.
  • As a participant in any of the programs, you are obliged to agree with the school codes.
  • We sincerely receive you here with deep thankfulness for gifting us a unique chance to serve you.
  • We appreciate your praiseworthy co-operation and enthusiasm for greater study, for which we all are trying our best.
  • Let’s meet here to connect with one another and explore Tantra and Yoga with its better understanding.
  • Looking forward to seeing you soon here.
  • May universe be favourable to you ever is our prayer!

Hari Om Tat Sat!

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