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Rishikesh, India

Sushumna Nadi


Sushumna Nadi According to the scriptures of Yoga there are 72000 or more Nadi (astral channels) made up of astral matter that carry Pranic currents. Among all the Nadi, Ida, Pingala and Sushumna are the important ones. Sushumna is the most important of all. When the two Nadi, Ida and Pingala are balanced, then the […]

Chakra in Yoga

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Chakra Chakra – The Sanskrit word ‘Chakra’ literally means wheel or circle. In the perspective of Yog, Chakra signifies the vortex or junction of Nadi (Pranic energy channels). They are also termed as psychic centers. According to some texts, there are so many Chakra in the human body but seven of them are the major […]

Nadis in Yoga

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Nadi Nadi is a Sanskrit word which means channels. Through Nadi, the energies such as prana flow. All Nadi are spread throughout the astral body. It is said that there are thousands of Nadi throughout the human framework responsible for various functions. Among them the three followings are very important. They are – Ida Pingala […]


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Pancha Kosha (Five Sheath) Each body has a dimension and a layer. We can call it a field. Just as we say electromagnetic field or radioactive field, in exactly the same way there are fields in our bodies. In Vedanta, they are known as Kosha which means ‘Sheaths’. The Taittiriya Upanishad describes  the five Kosha […]

Three Bodies Doctrine in Yoga

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Sharira Traya (Three Bodies) Body, mind and spirit are interconnected, interrelated and interpenetrating. Therefore, according to Yoga, Advaita Vedanta, Tantra and Shaivism etc. scriptures, a human body (Sharira) is composed of 3 layers – 1. Sthula Sharira (Physical/Gross Body) 2. Sukshma Sharira (Astral/Subtle Body) 3. Karan Sharira (Causal Body)  These three bodies are gross divisions […]

The branches of Yoga


The Branches of Yoga Yoga has several branches. Some of them are the major ones and very ancient. Regarding those branches of  Yoga, God Krishna reveals the secrets in the Grand Text Srimada Bhagavatam where He talks to Uddhava. In canto – 11, chapter – 20, verse – 6,7,8 God Krishna says –  Verse in Sanskrit – श्रीभगवान् […]

A brief note on Tantra and Yoga

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Tantra and Yoga   History of Tantra and Yoga – Tantra is a great school of spiritualty in which Yoga is a faculty and curriculum only. Hence Tantra includes various range of knowledges including Yoga; particularly Hatha Yoga which is the most common practice today. Tantra was a worldwide culture at some point in the […]

The definition of Yoga

The Definition of Yoga In the modern time Yoga has been defined by many people in many ways. We understand the importance of these definitions and that is quite true in terms of how one relates to them. Yoga is a Sanskrit word. It is derived from the root word “yuj” which means ‘to join’, […]

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