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Rishikesh, India

I am Yara Rajeh Shahwan from Egypt. I attended 500 hours Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh where I met Rohit Kumar. I had a great time learning from him in different aspects of life. As a teacher, he has a tremendous knowledge to give with passion and love.  He is very respectful towards women in general. During the Kundalini class, he brings a very important concept that connects to the subject matter and present need of the rise of women in all walks of life, which makes him different than his fellow Indian men.  His belief that women alone can change the world to a better world, even now strikes to me so deep as I could see and feel how much respect and love he carried to every woman in the class. I still remember him in the class coming, taking his seats and talking as if he is one of the students and making us laugh many times during the session making the whole class seriously funny and educational. He has a very interesting way to deliver the knowledge with a sense of humour that makes student learn and remember easily. As an individual, he is so supportive and helpful. He still sends his students information and this is the best way a teacher can reach the heart of students. I just find no word to express how much I am glad to have been taught by him and have him a good and life time friend forever.

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