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Rishikesh, India

Namaste, my Name is Nevine, I am from Belgium and attended the Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training course in Risikesh where I met Rohit Kumar who was my Kundalini teacher for theory and practical. Rohit’s classes were one of my favourites. With the busy Kundalini TTC course, the days were long and sometimes tiring, however Rohit’s class was always a breath of fresh air. The classes were well structured, easy to understand and despite the very informative lessons, it felt as if the course was more of a practical understanding of philosophy.

Rohit has the art to explain abstract philosophical theories in practical, everyday life examples. By being able to capture the students attention with visuals, power-point and real life stories, Rohit’s theory class is where I learnt the most and retained the most information. Additionally, besides Rohit’s capability in keeping a well- structured and engaging class, Rohit is a wonderful person on a human level. His patience, kindness, sense of humour and ability to think outside of the box gives this extra space of friendliness and approachability. Outside of the class, Rohit is always available for a chat, to listen to your opinion and provide his immense knowledge. He is able to provide you with all the information you require so that can make their own best decision. Rather than offering straight away a solution, Rohit, has a great sense of his own what makes him a great teacher. He provides you with the tools where the student uses his own mind and awareness. It was an amazing 3 weeks time with him. If you have the opportunity to attend one of Rohit’s classes, you will walk into the session with one question and walked out with many other questions to which you have the tools to continue onto your journey of awakening. Many thanks Rohit,

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