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Rishikesh, India

I am Gowtham from Bengaluru, India. I attended Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training in 2018, where I met Rohit Kumar and it was my pleasure to get Kundalini training from him.

1) As a teacher, Rohit Ji is really influential, experienced & aware of how to transfer the knowledge to seekers. During every session, he had clear idea about what he’s conveying to seekers. Our group consisted of person from different level of understanding on Kundalini. Still he managed to convey the idea very clearly. His usage of words, expressions in every class were imprinted in memory of student. He was not just a teacher/trainer, he’s a real good friend.

2) He’s very open with everyone, casual smiling & mixing of intense discussion with light touch of humour.

3) I Hope to meet him again and to get more seeking from his enormous knowledge treasures. There is no time limit to learn Kundalini Kriya still he managed to touch the intense depth of Kundalini. I’m looking forward to become his seeker.

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