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Rishikesh, India

I met Rohit Kumar when I attended a 200-hour Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training in 2018. Immediately he stood out from the other teachers in the way he engaged with our class. He brought a level of passion and honesty that allowed us to not only learn the deep concepts we were being taught but his teaching style kept us all engaged.

As a teacher myself, it was easy to see the passion he had for teaching and the genuine care he had for his students. His words touched my heart on many occasions and I could tell that he taught from his personal experience as well as his education not just concepts he learned from a book. All the questions we asked, he was able to answer in a way that spoke to his wisdom of Yoga and its vast levels of depth. Aside from his experience I noticed that he was a favorite among all the students in our class because he taught with a sense of humor, deep intellect and a joyfulness that was infectious. We couldn’t help but laugh and be totally engaged during while he was teaching. It was easy to see that he had genuine love for the topics he was talking about and he cared about us as students because he continued to teach us even after the program was over.

He would send us follow-up emails with more detailed explanations about the topics we covered. He would ask us if we had any extra questions or were confused about what we learned or the extra information he provided us. He even helped us with setting up a routine for our personal practice after we returned home. On several occasions, he even Skyped with me to check up on how my practice was coming along after trying it for a few weeks after the course had ended.

I highly recommend him as a teacher and guide in the path of Yoga. There are many people who teach because they want money or followers but Rohit teaches because it was what he was called to do. This path of Yoga was what he was called to do. And anyone who has the honor of crossing his path, will be a better person and more knowledgeable after meeting him because he wants nothing more than for others to understand the power of the Yogic lifestyle and how it can benefit their lives.

Namaste, Gabriel Giron

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