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Rishikesh, India

I am Eve Zheim from Paris, France. I attended Yoga Training in India where I met Rohit Kumar and his beautiful Yoga. As a beginner, I appreciated him teaching with much care of my ignorance, my aged body (69 years old), even my “fear” in front of some difficult asanas. He gave me the taste for Yoga and the will to continue in my own country, which I did since I’ve met him as a teacher. I feel very grateful towards him. Besides, I could notice how gentle, careful, efficient he was with the more advanced students, I also enjoyed his humour – and how much his knowledge and transmission of Yoga, as a physical harmonisation as well as a spiritual one, were powerful. And, it was easy to live in community all together (he also cooks very good!). In the year 2017, when Rohit, was in Paris, France, he did not forget to step in my apartment and said, “Eve, here I am with my student I taught in India.” I was so glad to see him in my own city. It was one of his evenings in Paris. Hari Om.

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