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Rishikesh, India

I met Rohit in Ayur Yoga Eco Ashram near Mysore in January, 2015. His morning teachings started with a meditation where we would stare at the big red sun and dedicate our practice. The Surya Namaskara that would follow made even more sense then!Rohit’s faith in Yoga is palpable and I must say I benefitted from it. More than teaching the mere physical aspects of Asanas, I learnt from him the importance of surrendering to the practice in order to have a much deeper insight on consciousness. Rohit would always encourage us to go beyond our limitations or fears and at the same time, remind us of the need to relax and to laugh at times. He is eager to teach and to transmit what he believes in, and anchors his schedule in quite a strict discipline (at least this is what I could feel); this reflects in his lessons as a peaceful and respectful atmosphere which I really enjoyed.  I hope the new center, where he will teach will benefit as many students as possible!

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