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Rishikesh, India

I am Amy Pons from South Africa. I had attended Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training in 2018 where I met Rohit Kumar. This course has been a tremendous experience to me in many ways. Into those bevy of experiences I recollect the class that Rohit had led to all of us and would like to pen my heartfelt feeling about the presence of Rohit and his teaching. This is how I would feel when Rohit came and almost all of us would be into the same pattern of feelings:
“The moment Rohit entered the classroom there was an unexplainable presence and integrity. This made it a wonderful lesson, as we could experience Kundalini Theory through Rohit’s way of being. I didn’t have to take notes in Rohit’s lessons because his passionate storytelling and presence was too wonderful to take my eyes off. I will never forget how Rohit explained the ascension of the Kundalini force as a romantic journey, where the left and right Nadi’s cross as lovers at each Chakra and finally become one, enlightened. The story he said, can be a living experience to anyone and when he said so, we could feel this was happening to all of us. Rohit, his class, his presence and the moments with him: these all are vivid within me as it was.
I am grateful for Rohit’s beautiful experience as a human (and lecturer), because it has inspired me deeply, where words can’t be found. “
Thanks Rohit!
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