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Rishikesh, India

Rohit Ji: A True Yogi: I first met Rohit Ji during a month long Yoga teacher training back in October 2014 in MaisurIndia.The general feeling of everyone there before Rohit arrived was one of discontent. Rohit was supposed to start work for the ashram in November, but his presence was so strong and comforting already to those of us who got to know him, and so his work began sooner than expected. What would happen, then, was a transformation amongst us all.  Night after night, he would sit with us individually to listen intently to our ailments and personal problems that hindered our progress as aspiring Yoga teachers. One could sense the palpable shift then only days after his arrival. Students felt a renewed sense of purpose. “No personality is beyond transformation”.  I remember Rohit saying these preceding words to me when I’d asked him how he’s able to see past the unattractive qualities of people in general.  It made me realize something deep down; it planted a seed that has changed my entire perception toward mankind, and has since fostered a love for all people that grows stronger with each day. It is Rohit’s sincere regard for personal and collective progress that leads him to ask you hard hitting questions leading to revelatory breakthroughs as I had on that day. His devotion to his own Yoga practice is evident in the dedication he has towards improving his own student’s practices. His patience and kindness are a beacon for any struggling student. When I myself was desperate for answers, Rohit took me aside and devoted personal time with me to develop a Yoga practice specific to my needs. This included specific postures for meditation, mantras, pranayama, and sun salutations.

It is my pleasure and with great honour that I recommend Rohit Ji, not just to students of Yoga, but to anyone travelling the path to self-discovery.

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