My name is Ulla Eriksson Berg. I am from Sweden. I am 67 years and I have been suffering from rheumatism for the past years.I was looking for pain relief and training for my stiff joints.It was that time, I met Rohit Kumar in Sweden, while he was offering Yoga training at a Physiotherapy centre in the local town, Kungsor, I live in.I experienced Rohit as a very serious teacher. He helped all of us in the class individually if we needed.I realised after a couple of classes that I could do movement I couldn’t do before. After some days of practice, I felt much better and less stiff.I also met Rohit for a private consultation and received good advises for my health.Rohit always showed us respect and made sure that we all understood the Yoga moves, that we understood the language.I miss him and can recommend his classes to all people, of all ages. Warm regards.