I am Tony Larsson, from Sweden. For about more than 3 years I was suffering from insomnia. I saw an advertisement in local Swedish News Paper, for “Medical Yoga with Rohit Kumar” and joined his class for a couple of weeks in Sweden. Rohit explained and performed the exercises in a clear way and in well-spoken English. He helped and corrected the participants to perform the exercises in a way that brings deeper and greater responses. Inspired by him and his ways, I met Rohit in a personal meeting and got some good lifestyle advise for everyday use in my life. I also joined Rohit’s class of Meditation which for me a couple of times brought a very challenging experience but eventually it lead me to a state, relaxing the body and mind both. Rohit is a very good speaker with a great knowledge to deliver. I on my personal experience with him in Sweden, can say he is a charismatic teacher. As a person, he’s warm and caring. And to the astonishment to many I would say About my insomnia? Gone completely and for good! Thanks Rohit.