I am Sulav Khadka from Nepal. I live in U S A. It was a great privilege to meet Rohit Kumar at an Ayurvedic hospital in Kerala when a friend of mine informed that a new Yoga master had joined the classes. Having prior experience of Yoga with already working Yoga teacher I met Rohit Kumar in the morning class. True to the information given by my friend I found Rohit Kumar very nice, kind, helping and his classes were totally different yet the same what I sought. I personally requested doctors working there to have him my personal mentor and to give me permission to attend his classes. He examined my case very carefully. In the group class as well as in the private sessions he was amazing in his work. I was very upset with my health issues but in his company I had great hope and I gained my lost confidence back. Almost every day he personally attended me with so much of love and care. In the final week he gave me a compact Yoga programme needed to me considering my limitations. We are in close touch even now and he has been guiding me since we met. For those who need to sense Yoga from its root to its effect on different dimensions of human existence Rohit Kumar is a sure hope. I wish him all the best and may he always remain kind, compassionate, humble, knowledgeable and profound as I had found him in my presence.