I attended Yoga Bhawna Mission’s 500-hour Yoga Teacher Training Course in Uttarkashi, Uttarakhand, India. During this time, my fellow learners and I were fortunate enough to have Rohit Kumar as our Asana, Pranayama and occasional Kriya teacher.

Rohit’s Asana and Pranayama teaching style is conscientious, detail-oriented, calm and careful. Rather than trying to achieve impressive postures with his students, his focus is on exploring each pose for the health benefit and bodily awareness it brings. But his knowledge and guidance reached far beyond the regular class hours. Rohit would often speak passionately about Yoga philosophy as well as personal experiences pertaining to the effects of Yoga on physical and mental health.

Rohit lives by his own discipline, and this becomes abundantly clear when you meet him, converse, and receive his teachings. He is honest, kind and supportive. He cares deeply about others’ well-being, and lives by example through his own health routine, which he is very open about. Apart from being a serious practitioner of  Yoga, Rohit is also humorous and a romantic by nature.

Rohit Kumar spoke many times about wanting to meet with people from around the world to share the knowledge and thoughts on an all-rounded personal health care based in Yoga. I hope that he gets to achieve this dream, and wish him all the best in his pursuits. God bless you Rohit.