My name is Rose Kulczycki. I am originally from Illinois, USA but currently living in the Dominican Republic. I attended a 200 Hour Kundalini Teacher Training in the year 2018, where I had the privilege of learning under Rohit Kumar.

Rohit is a kind and gentle soul, as well as a joyful and patient teacher. He is abundantly knowledgeable regarding Yoga and Kundalini, yet humble and gracious. His classes focused first on theory, to provide a basis of understanding, and then moved towards practice, where students could apply said knowledge and experience true learning. He offered pearls of wisdom from his own experience while respecting the unique journey and sagacity of others. Always poised, but never overly-stoic, his smile radiates pure warmth and his whole-hearted laughter filled the class with utter bliss. Learning from him was not just educational. It was spiritual. He touched the minds and hearts of each and every one of us. Now that the training has ended, he continues to send reading material and food for thought, investing in the continued growth and well-being of his students. I shall be forever grateful for the opportunity to laugh, learn, and grow with Rohit. Hari Om.