I am Michael Pittiglio from the U.K. I met Rohit on a Kundalini teacher training program in Rishikesh. Rohit was the kundalini practical and theory teacher. With 100% honesty, I can say he was one if not the most humble and caring man I met in India on my travels. His teachings for me resonated at such a level helping me gain a deep understanding of the practice I had been carrying out prior to visit India, my reason for travelling there in the first place. He delivered this knowledge in a patient and understandable way making sense of some of the experiences I was struggling to comprehend. He always went the extra mile helping me with my practice in a very traditional way which was exactly what I wanted from my trip. I will take his lessons with me always and continue to dedicate my time to my practice in the way he dedicated his to the teaching always with total selflessness! I feel truly blessed to have met him and returning to India would always take the time to try and further my study of this beautiful ancient knowledge in any way I can! With total gratitude, my heart goes out to him!