My name is Marion Wilms. I am from Germany and today I am writing this long overdue review close to my heart with joy and gratitude in favour of Rohit.

I met Rohit Kumar more than six years ago in an Ayurvedic place in Kerala. As I arrived in India with an issue of ovarian cysts and very painful menstruations he soon became my personal teacher and designed a very simple yet highly effective sequence of Asanas and relaxation techniques for me. A few allopathic doctors in Germany had already declared my case hopeless and suggested removal of the cysts through surgery as the last resort. Under Rohit’s guidance I dived into the world of Yoga for the first time ever. With lots of dedication on both ends later in my life, just in a few months (approximately 3 months) all cysts and all pain were gone. Plenty of weight was gone, too: D.

Rohit is one of those people that, in case you get lucky enough to cross path with him, light up the room as soon as he enters. He is one of those souls that everybody wants to be close to for reasons unknown. He is that person that has everyone hanging on his lips as soon as he speaks so no word of wisdom or humour goes unnoticed. He is one of those people that you want to have in your life forever as he enriches it in every aspect. When we had the chance to spend time outside the classroom I often witnessed the miracle myself. People from all walks of life were drawn towards him, asked for advice, just wanted to share a story or just yearned to be close. Over the years, I saw students coming and staying, friendships forming and followers adding up in numbers. I often felt humbled to be part of all that greatness. In all those years, I also could not help but wonder what it is exactly that makes him stand out from the rest!

Yes, I would say, he has profound knowledge of what he teaches…, Yes, he teaches with dedication and with patience… Yes, his voice is clear and warm when he speaks…, Yes, his classes are very organised, interesting and easy to follow for everyone – the young and the old, the healthy and the sick…, Yes, he is always respectful and always discreet………I could write many more reasons and virtues and all would be true but deep inside I know there is something else.

Rohit is one of those rare souls that are able to connect with each and everyone they meet. He is part of you and he is part of me. Because he shares our stories, because he experienced it all personally! Rohit not only teaches about yoga and about life, Rohit is life. He has been there. He is real and he is raw. He shares a story with each of us and he can identify with everyone.

Rohit knows the different cultures and religions because he has met people from all over the world. He knows poverty, as he has been born poor himself. He knows material wealth, as he has shared moments of material abundance. He knows solitude, as he has spent a long time in his own company. He knows chaos and anxiety, as he has experienced the huzzle and the buzzle of modern society. He knows hunger, as he has been starving himself. He knows also the opposite, as he has been eating so much that the tummy hurts. He knows about suffering, as he has caused suffering and suffered himself. He knows about loss, as he has lost before. He knows about friendship, as he has made many friends. He knows about happiness, as he has experienced eternal joy. He knows about betrayal, as he has betrayed and been betrayed. He knows about romance, as he has always been a romantic. He knows about forgiveness as he has forgiven many and has been forgiven! He knows about love, as he has loved and has been deeply loved before and now!

For all that I have written, is my experience about Rohit in the very detail of his health, peace, chaos, anxiety, happiness, courage, confusion, honesty, truth, experience both nice and not nice, failure, success and his journey into the various current of his life: all have made him what he is. From my very recent conversation with Rohit, I know he has excelled in a way that I have more admiration for him as a great friend. I am proud to know and have him into my life. I wish him all the best for his bright future!