I met Rohit in 2014 in Kerala during a Pancha karma treatment. Rohit gave Yoga lessons 3 times a day. One day we sat and had chat together.  I asked him what Yoga meant for him. His answer left me wonder-struck. Yoga meant so much love he said, unbelievable without boundaries. And while sitting there I felt and saw the sincerity, deep love and truth in him.  From that moment, I took every moment to follow as much Yoga lessons by him as was possible in between the Pancha karma treatments. Weak or full of energy I was drawn to follow Rohit’s Yoga lessons. His lessons were always connected with this deep love, with great knowledge about the asanas and sitting there we all were part of the ancient Yoga roots and Rohit’s own experience and wisdom. What Rohit did was giving Yoga lessons which were always a challenge, but with respect to one’s limits. Always following and listening what every person could do at the moment. Rohit encouraged every one and helped everyone. His great faith in the healing benefits of Yoga became real for many people. For me doing Yoga these weeks was the beginning of stretching all my “channels” in body, mind and heart. From the day I was in Kerala till now I do Yoga every day. Rohit has been my first and greatest inspiration for this journey.