Rohit Kumar, is truly one of a kind. I met him as my teacher in Kundalini Teacher Training Course. When I first saw him, I thought what a kind and gentle soul he looked to be. When he began to teach, I was overwhelmed by the extent of his knowledge. But his lecturers kept you on your toes, you never knew when a joke was coming, his dry Indian humour was so welcoming to our British nature. Precise yet philosophical in his teachings, his composure would return to a strict demeanour whenever he was teaching a point that we should fully note, allowing us to know when we should really be giving him the whole of our minds. His teaching knows no bounds. He offered us all the chance to communicate with him whenever we need to. With him, Kundalini is a journey and a way of life. Rohit is not just a teacher during your study, but a life-long font of knowledge at your disposal. The goal in his heart is helping people to grow, to become enlightened, to follow the path of their souls. I feel truly blessed to have been given such a gift in my life. I met Rohit and I know what it means. If you get the opportunity to work with him, you will feel this too.