I am Estaben from Spain. I met Rohit in the Ashram of Rikhiapeeth in Feb, 2014 while we were taking part of the Paramahansa Satyananda Yoga Teacher Training Course. In this wonderful place, I had the opportunity to share experiences, emotions and knowledge with him. It was so nice to do Karma Yoga (selfless service) next to him because of his friendly behaviour and his wise observations about the Yoga Sadhana. He always had a positive and philosophic point of view about the things around us. I remember the days near the examination that we had to pass, I was somewhat concerned about it but in the interesting conversations with Rohit I was able to review a lot of knowledge like a very simple story because he knows it very well almost like a book. He was able to explain the questions in the easiest possible way and as a whole. For me Rohit is a very charming and intelligent Yoga Teacher. Next to this, in his company it is always possible to learn a lot of the Yoga science and philosophy and at the same time feeling as comfortable as in a real friend’s presence. I am very glad that until now I have been constantly in touch with Rohit which is a gift for me.