I am Constanza from Chile. I feel more than honoured to make this feedback to my lovely Guru ji. I met Yogi Rohit Kumar when I attended a 200-hour Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training in 2018. The first time he entered to our class, immediately he made the difference from the other teachers in the way he displayed his classes of Kundalini practices, theory, and philosophy of Yoga. He connected and he engaged with all of us. He showed to us so much passion with every action, every word, every asana and every teaching; that this allowed us to not only learn everything in deep detail, but we also were being taught how to feel his passion and love for Yoga.

He was teaching us in a unique way that he kept us always engaged, we didn’t want him to go after class finished. His teachings and his life experiences touched my soul and heart on many occasions. He was always willing to answer all the questions we asked, he was able to answer in a way that spoke to his wisdom of Yoga and its vast levels of depth. By far guru Rohit Kumar ji is the best teacher I ever had and I could ever imagine. He showed so much care about us as students, that he even continued to teach us after the program was over via WhatsApp; he sent us follow-ups with more detailed explanations about the topics we covered.

I highly recommend him as a teacher and guide in the path of Yoga or anything that he commits. There are many teachers, but no too many like him who can touch hearts and souls, and anyone who has the honour of crossing his path, will definitely be a better person and more knowledgeable. I could not have more gratitude to have him as my teacher. Thank you Rohit Kumar ji, Hari Om & Namaste