I am Anna Rutkowska from Poland. I attended 300 hours Yoga Teacher Training where I was lucky to have Rohit Kumar Ji as my philosophy teacher. To be honest not everything in the school I choose was perfect, but his presence there was absolutely a blessing for me, for other students and I believe for the school generally. Rohit Ji is one of the most humble teachers, I have ever met and in the same time – one of the most knowledgeable. His way of teaching comes from the deep understanding of the topic and what you are receiving from him is the pure essence. Every world he says has a purpose. He does not waste time for the side topics (even the simple stories he says sometimes have a deeper purpose), and his way of sharing the knowledge makes you very concentrated, alert and curious what will come next. Some Western students felt like Guru Rohit uses a lot of Sanskrit what required them to study it a bit more than they expected – but my impression after his classes was that some things are not possible to translate and after few classes you see that the Sanskrit terms he uses stuck in your head naturally and start to be understood on some deeper way than they would be if simply translated into English. I feel blessed to learn from him also because he was an example of kindness, cheerfulness, treating all people with the same love and respect and all his worlds and his silence just show how humble and how natural and good he is. Guru Ji, thank you for sharing yourself and I hope more people can benefit from your wisdom.